Who should sponsor?

Wondering if you should sponsor the e-commerce exhibition IRX 2017? If you specialize in any of these fields, you should consider being a part of the largest e-commerce event in Indonesia:

  • E-commerce Platforms

  • Mobile and Retail Payment Solution Providers

    - Payment providers, Payment Gateways, e-payments, Mobile Payments, Social Payments
  • Mobile Digital marketing

    - Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Automation, Analytics, CRM providers, Content Marketing, Business Intelligence
  • Omni-channel marketing, Apps
  • Cloud, hosting, net registration, security
  • Digital E-commerce

    - Marketplaces and e-seller platforms, online merchandising
  • Logistics, delivery, packaging and warehousing providers, postal services, supply chain management and software
  • Reverse logistics, e-delivery, retail systems, in store digital
  • Security, mobile security, Fraud Prevention
  • Integrators
  • Consultancies and incubators