The various key topics that will be addressed during the conference sessions at Internet Retailing Expo 2017 are:

Mobile Retail:

  • How to launch an internet retailing platform?
  • How great is cloud for retail industry?
  • How retailers need to offer a user-friendly, compelling and consistent brand experience via online and mobile commerce platforms?
  • How social media is making its mark on the retail marketplace?
  • How the rapidly growing retail landscape is changing the role of marketer?

Retail Payment Solutions:

  • How easy is it for your customers to log on, find what they want, purchase it, receive it on time and in perfect condition?
  • How to build a Click & Collect Strategy and maximizes customer convenience and sales?

Omni Channel Retailing:

  • How can we make cross-channel work for retail?
  • How is multichannel changing the way the retail operations are structured?
  • How to develop a delivery and fulfilment strategy align with shifting and dynamic channel mixes to support Omni-channel?

Mobile Digital Marketing:

  • How to launch marketplaces and source products?
  • How can we make digital as a route to a better customer experiences?

Other Keynotes:

  • How can data help ensure success?
  • How can customer insights be used to create more personalised experiences?
  • How to build a cost-effective and efficient e-commerce platform for quick, flexible, customer centric fulfilment and delivery?
  • How to develop supply chains, logistics and reverse logistics?